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Sucess Patterns for First Daters

The aim of every escort girl is to please the client. And it means that the appearance of an escort should be perfect. If a woman negligent and can put on an untidy blouse, shabby nails, crumpled clothes she will never be accepted to Executive Choice Escorts and its clients. In general a woman should never look in such a way because it is disgraceful and shameful. Female clothes count for the first impressions, and it does matter for the clients, especially in the industry which is due to deliver beauty. Philadelphia Escort First Daters The first man's pulse is a response to escort’s appearance. And the main thing here is not only in beauty, in faultless lines of a body, in clean and tidy clothes. It is in harmonious or disharmonious appearance of the escort woman. The whole look of the escort creates her identity at the first date. Even men sometimes feel a difficulty to explain why they like this or don’t like that escort. Probably, there are some internal motives or fluids, or subconscious pushes which define the principal moments of sympathy. But it doesn’t mean that escorts shouldn’t take care of themselves. There are general tips that should be observed by every female who is going to date. General Look Taboos for Women men don’t like negligent girls (buttons drooping on threads or absence of buttons, torn stockings, dark corrugated circles round eyes, dirty nails, etc.). They hate a woman who doesn't care about themselves. Such a girl can’t please the client and she pushes him away with her look. men don’t like shy and bottled up girls dressed in old fashioned grandmother's jackets and woolen gaiters. Clients can perceive such a look just as total absence of fashion taste and they will not get interested in such a girl. putting on modern sneakers with an evening dress is a total disaster. The absurd look and the absence of feeling of a harmonious image, violation of proportions – everything mentioned is perceived by a man's eye more clearly, than the girl’s beauty, body shape or height. A man perceives the whole look of a girl, and evaluates it as all pleasant or unpleasant. The best option for the first meeting with the client is to put on the clothes that an escort is comfortable in. Every girl has at least several dresses that she likes most of all. It is better not to experiment with one’s clothes and look when a girl is going to have the first date. What if a woman puts on a new dress which is inconvenient, constrains movements, comes unfastened, etc? Or let’s see, she puts on shoes which are too tight. In this case the escort won’t think about the first date and how to please the client, she will think about tight shoes and damned dress. Every escort thinks about the client so he doesn’t even know about her problems with her shoes or dress or unzipping zipper. That is why escorts choose a comfortable and usual image that they are used to wearing. Moreover they think over every detail of their image! Only in this case escorts are a success at dating and get a chance of the second appointment.

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